Let’s get acquainted

Pope Francesco

God's call can reach us at the assembly line and in the office, at the supermarket, along the stairs, that is, in the places of our daily life

Hello, I am Sister Angelisa, I am convinced that today more than ever, there is a  will  to meet and share, to try to give a meaning and direction to our lives. If you wish we can get to know each other.

Hello,  I am  Sister Martina, I would love to meet you and tell you the things we do. At the same time you can count on the fact that I would also like , if you want, to listen to what you do and what you imagine for your future.

We are waiting for you,,

We listen to you, We welcome you
You can write to us at
or by calling the number
336 1773264 (Suor Angelisa)