The logo of the Congregation

At the first sight, the logo offers a compendium of the most salient aspects of a family or an institution.

For a Daughter of St. Joseph, the Eucharistic Jesus should be the centre and the reason of her existence and living; hence at the centre of our logo is a Host surrounded by many rays which represents the part of the monstrance in which the consecrated Host is exposed for adoration by the faithful.

Then there are two flowers almost as if sustaining the monstrance: a lily and a rose. Lily symbolizes purity while rose symbolizes love. Virtues which a religious consecrated to the service of the Eucharistic Jesus, who suppose to know how to transmit the good aroma of Christ around her should be enrobed with.

The stems of the two flowers are held together with a ribbon on which is written “ONLY GOD”. The Father Founder repeated this phrase often to his Daughters. God alone is the reason of our being and acting.

All these symbols gathered together make up a shield , that is to say , serve as protection, security for who carries it.