This is how we came into existence

The human and Christian formation which the young Clement received from his parents favoured him and left an indelible mark on his entire life. A man of deep experience of God, who showed a special and profound love towards the Holy Eucharist and  towards Jesus in the tabernacle. He did not keep this love jealously for himself but wanted to share it with some young people who were attracted to him because of his exemplary life of faithfulness to the Church and to the Holy Eucharist.

Hence, this is how we came into existence.

He had seen many flourishing institutes dedicated to the care of the youth, the poor, the sick, but none was dedicated specifically to the service of Jesus present in the Most Holy Eucharist. After a long period of prayer and discernment, he decided to go to Lourdes to talk it over with our Lady of Lourdes. He also asked advice to some of his priest friends. Hence in the year 1875, with four young girls, he started this Congregation of the Daughters of St Joseph. Later on some other girls also came to join them, like Rosalia Sismonda who had a very important role in the foundation of the Congregation. She will offer the community her great ability of listening to the word of God, docility to the appeals of the Founder, attentiveness to the needs of the community and to the individual sisters, leading them to personal encounter with Jesus at the foot of the Tabernacle.